Taking the World of Fashion by Storm

Alex Blaque was officially established in June 2016 and was built on more than 15 years of experience in the retail business. We strive to provide awesome service and the hottest trends at unbeatable prices. Alex Blaque set out on a mission to create clothing specifically catered to women searching for the perfect blend of fashion, comfort, quality, and sexiness. We offer unique fashion styles that will satisfy anybody.

We currently have a lot of wonderful things going for us. Things like the rise of the cult of Blaque Barbie: high online traffic, huge social media following, and Blaque stores that will soon be opening all around the country. It is because of these that Alex Blaque is becoming the go-to brand for fashion-forward individuals everywhere.

The Woman Who Started It All

Alexandria, our founder and CEO, is the creative visionary behind Alex Blaque. It all started from her bedroom with a Wix account and the idea that glamour sells. She created and gave life to a brand that represents sexy and conservative all in the same breath.

In just under six months, the brand has turned into a household name, a multi-million pound powerhouse, and a favorite for celebrities. Her line of clothing sees no boundaries and limitations to who can wear her designs. The Alex Blaque line is made to make women feel alluring, confident, and comfortable.

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